Meow everykitty!

Just going to be quick on this. Today, Kirby was complaining that he do not like The Man because The Man kisses him a lot because he is a boycat. Kirby is in the room with The Man though, waiting to be kissed. I think he secretly liked to be kissed! Curly mopped the floor because she spilled some water on the floor and I was eying the white thingy that was on the floor following Curly.

Anypaw, I love it when Curly calls for me. She calls me ‘Sayang’.

Just now, Kirby took my green pillow toy thing and he got angry when Curly took it away from him to put it somewhere else where he can play better.

Silly Boycat. I have to go look for Kirby now. I want to see if he is secretly letting The Man kiss him.

Pawing off everykitty.

Sassy, the adventurous one.


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