Meow everykitty!

Sassy here. We have been busy (for nothing – so Curly says) because we will start our new adventure starting next month! Curly is bringing us back to Kuching (which means CAT in Malay but Curly says it is not in her local dialect).

She said she wants to get us our passport and stuff before we go. I can’t wait. She even brought us to the vet to get our rabies shots and to get us microchipped. Oh, I should tell you all, our BoyCat, Kirby is 5 kilos while I remain beautifully slender at 3 kilos.

We can’t wait to go to Curly’s house. She told us of Athena (whom we named LITTLE HUMAN) and her sisters; The Teacher and Sherlockian.

Yesterday, Curly told us that Grandpa and Grandma were on the plane and the plane had some engine problems and we will be going onto the plane, too. I worry but she told us that there was nothing to worry because Grandpa and Grandma are okay and they arrived safely.

Anyway, about Kirbs being 5 kilos, Grandpa said Kirb is a tiger in cat clothing but what he doesn’t know, I am more of a tiger than Kirbs!

Okay everykitty. Just needed and update as Curly said.

We will meow for updates.

Sassy, the Sassiest Tiger on Earth