Curly Here

Hi everybody and everykitty, I am Curly; The Paw Printers’ human. I am adding this entry to promote the Furies (WE ARE NOT, WE PAW PRINTERS! – Kirby).. Okay… The Paw Printers’ Twitter account and maybe care a few things. (Get off, Curly! This is OUR page! – Sassy) Hey, I thought you guys agreed to me introducing myself? (She is forgetful, Curly, go on.. – Kirby)

And, I maybe planning on getting a YouTube and Instagram account for them as they are indeed my favourite models (if you have me in Facebook, I have quite a number of cat photographs). Well, you might think I am going full force; which I am by the way because I regret I didn’t do all this when I had Mr. Tibbs, Muffin, Neko, Asad, Sasha and Mac. 

Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Sharifah and I adopted these two [naughty] angels from a wonderful lady, Megaa. I had cats in my life since 1984 and despite being scratched or bitten, for some reason, I had never thought of feeling any fear for them. I like all sorts of felines, may it be domestic felines or even their wilder cousins. Cats, to me, are very beautiful creatures: though they can be snobbish (You calling us snobbish, Curly? – Sassy) *sighs* No, not you two. You two are very obedient. (Thank you. *purrs* – Kirby) *whispers* and they bully me, too. 

Right now, my life is controlled by my Furies.. Oops, by the Paw Printers. I am not complaining because it had always been what I want. A cat but I got two; whom I love so much although they do drive me insane! 

Kirby and Sassy are extremely special because they are a part of the KISS Clan [and KISS happened to be one of my favourite rock bands]. The kittens, are currently 4 months old but a lot of people who’ve seen their pictures think they are teenage kitties and when I tell them they are only 4 months old they are like, “WHAT THE-?” 

I owe this thank and compliment to Megaa, who did a WONDERFUL job on the kittens. They were actually hand raised as they were motherless [NOTE TO MEGAA: please correct me if I am wrong 😀] and also, I thank to the wonderful and handsome Bobby who substituted as a mother although he really is a guy. Sorry, Bobby, you were their “mother”. If wasn’t for them, Kirby and Sassy won’t be how they are now despite Kirby being sickly as a baby. 

However, more about me despite being an avid cat lover? My parents had always told me that even when I was young, everywhere I went, at least ONE cat will come approach me or follow me from behind – doesn’t matter if the cat let me pet it or not. No matter where I am in the world. At least ONE cat will be in sight and as many animal lovers will say, animals have this instinct where they know that they know that a person like them just by smelling their scent. 

What is the most wonderful thing about having cats? To have them lying on your chest, eyes closed and purring like a machine and when you walk through the door, you see their tails in the air greeting you with a friend meow. 

I will update more when I get more accounts for the Paw Printers and I intend to change the outlay of this blog as my two angels think it is weird that they are kitties and I put up a fishy looking outlay for them. It was meant to be a joke for them but I was caught. 

Do follow them on Twitter: @ThePawPrinters and I hope you guys will be entertained with the naughty things they do because I enjoy watching them do things in their own kitty way. 

Curly, the Human


Playing Host

Meow everykitty!

Last night The Man and Curly had two friends – Tall and Uncle Chubby. I like Uncle Chubby the most. He treats me like a man should to boycats. The Man treats me like a baby and I don’t like it and he has this smell when he put that white stick into his mouth. Sassy loves him – smelly or not.

Sassy and I slept under Curly’s sheets after Tall, Uncle Chubby and The Man went out.

Besides playing host, today is Diwali as Curly told me and she texted Mommy and Mommy told us to ask her to make some goodies called murukku for us and as for ang pows from The Man and Blondie.

So, The Man told us, he will buy new things for us today.

I am going to paw off soon because this Sassy cannot stop calling for me to play with the red ball Curly gave her to play with. Will paw on again later.

Pawing off!

Kirby, the handsome one.