Our First Entry!

Meow, everykitty!

I am Kirby. The handsome one looking up at that big black thing the Pet was holding.

I shall name her… I will name her Curly!

Okay, I am the handsome one looking up at that big black thing Curly was holding. Sassy and I just got home to a new house with Curly and 2 others – Blondie and The Man.

As I tell you how I am adapting in the new house, Sassy is looking outside watching it rain. She misses Mommy. I miss Mommy, too but I know Mommy wants us to go out and see the world. I miss Mommy, Bobby, Izzy and Suzy but I am a brave kitty not like Sassy who is being a sissy. (yeah, right.. he was meowing non-stop in the car and when we got in the house! – Sassy) Shush, Sassy!

Curly and Blondie are sitting outside with watching us explore the new house while The Man is sleeping.

Now Blondie is going to sleep leaving Curly outside here with Sassy and I.

But so sorry for Curly, I am getting sleepy, too. I will pawprint later when I am more awake. Sassy will pawprint later when she feels like it.

Pawing out.

Kirby, the handsome one.