Meow everykitty!

Sassy here. We have been busy (for nothing – so Curly says) because we will start our new adventure starting next month! Curly is bringing us back to Kuching (which means CAT in Malay but Curly says it is not in her local dialect).

She said she wants to get us our passport and stuff before we go. I can’t wait. She even brought us to the vet to get our rabies shots and to get us microchipped. Oh, I should tell you all, our BoyCat, Kirby is 5 kilos while I remain beautifully slender at 3 kilos.

We can’t wait to go to Curly’s house. She told us of Athena (whom we named LITTLE HUMAN) and her sisters; The Teacher and Sherlockian.

Yesterday, Curly told us that Grandpa and Grandma were on the plane and the plane had some engine problems and we will be going onto the plane, too. I worry but she told us that there was nothing to worry because Grandpa and Grandma are okay and they arrived safely.

Anyway, about Kirbs being 5 kilos, Grandpa said Kirb is a tiger in cat clothing but what he doesn’t know, I am more of a tiger than Kirbs!

Okay everykitty. Just needed and update as Curly said.

We will meow for updates.

Sassy, the Sassiest Tiger on Earth


Should We?

Meow everykitty!

Well, today has been a nice day for us. Kirby was finally warming up with everyone especially Curly. He comes when Curly calls and he doesn’t mind The Man being around. Curly have been calling him a baby boy like how she has been calling me sayang.

We saw something and this was it:-

Credits to

We don’t know where Curly kept our druggie pillow. We hadn’t seen it lately as we have been busy with the red dot on the floor and wall.

Last night’s curry was a disaster but Blondie believes she can fix it. And poor Blondie! Her face very big while cooking last night and she went to see the vet for humans and the Vet Man said she could have died 😦 But she is okay now. She played with us and Curly played some songs for us to listen by the Cookie Monster called Share It Maybe.

Curly and The Man came home after bringing Blondie to see the Vet Man and they looked a bit different. They must have gone for grooming. They smelt different. At first I did not recognise them but when Curly called, I knew it was them.

Curly has improved her KirbSas voice recognising skills. She can tell who is calling for her. Kirby calls for her a lot and she likes to tell him to take care of me when she goes out and he will always talk back to her.

Now, we are taking care of Blondie at home as Curly and the Man went out to see Uncle Chubby and Tall.

Well, going to paw off now. I is tired but happy.

Sassy, the adventurous one.

Meow everykitty!

Just going to be quick on this. Today, Kirby was complaining that he do not like The Man because The Man kisses him a lot because he is a boycat. Kirby is in the room with The Man though, waiting to be kissed. I think he secretly liked to be kissed! Curly mopped the floor because she spilled some water on the floor and I was eying the white thingy that was on the floor following Curly.

Anypaw, I love it when Curly calls for me. She calls me ‘Sayang’.

Just now, Kirby took my green pillow toy thing and he got angry when Curly took it away from him to put it somewhere else where he can play better.

Silly Boycat. I have to go look for Kirby now. I want to see if he is secretly letting The Man kiss him.

Pawing off everykitty.

Sassy, the adventurous one.

More Updates

Meow everykitty!

I had a good time last night but it kept Curly awake. Curly was being very nice to us as we played in the room. Kirby was still very scared but whenever Curly came towards us, she would just give us back rubs and chin rubs.

Kirby cried whenever she was on the bed and when I am with her. When I told him to come up the bed, he would give me a stare and run to the bathroom. Curly sat in the bathroom with the us as I curled in her lap. Kirby enjoyed the chin rub but he was too great to show his interest and enjoyment.

Eventually we all slept and I slept at Curly’s head, sharing her pillow while Kirby slept near her feet.

This morning, I woke Curly up by meowing in her ear.

Curly also told us earlier Mommy texted her and sent her kisses to us. We miss you, too, Mommy. And Bobby, Izzy and Suzy. Curly also told us that Mommy really love us no matter where we are and not to worry because Blondie and The Man also love us. Maybe that is why Kirby is still so sad but is pretending to be brave.

I have to paw off now because Kirby is calling for me non-stop. Whenever I call him, he takes his time coming to me but when he calls, I have to run.


Pawing off, everykitty!

Sassy, the adventurous one.