Curly Here

Hi everybody and everykitty, I am Curly; The Paw Printers’ human. I am adding this entry to promote the Furies (WE ARE NOT, WE PAW PRINTERS! – Kirby).. Okay… The Paw Printers’ Twitter account and maybe care a few things. (Get off, Curly! This is OUR page! – Sassy) Hey, I thought you guys agreed to me introducing myself? (She is forgetful, Curly, go on.. – Kirby)

And, I maybe planning on getting a YouTube and Instagram account for them as they are indeed my favourite models (if you have me in Facebook, I have quite a number of cat photographs). Well, you might think I am going full force; which I am by the way because I regret I didn’t do all this when I had Mr. Tibbs, Muffin, Neko, Asad, Sasha and Mac. 

Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Sharifah and I adopted these two [naughty] angels from a wonderful lady, Megaa. I had cats in my life since 1984 and despite being scratched or bitten, for some reason, I had never thought of feeling any fear for them. I like all sorts of felines, may it be domestic felines or even their wilder cousins. Cats, to me, are very beautiful creatures: though they can be snobbish (You calling us snobbish, Curly? – Sassy) *sighs* No, not you two. You two are very obedient. (Thank you. *purrs* – Kirby) *whispers* and they bully me, too. 

Right now, my life is controlled by my Furies.. Oops, by the Paw Printers. I am not complaining because it had always been what I want. A cat but I got two; whom I love so much although they do drive me insane! 

Kirby and Sassy are extremely special because they are a part of the KISS Clan [and KISS happened to be one of my favourite rock bands]. The kittens, are currently 4 months old but a lot of people who’ve seen their pictures think they are teenage kitties and when I tell them they are only 4 months old they are like, “WHAT THE-?” 

I owe this thank and compliment to Megaa, who did a WONDERFUL job on the kittens. They were actually hand raised as they were motherless [NOTE TO MEGAA: please correct me if I am wrong 😀] and also, I thank to the wonderful and handsome Bobby who substituted as a mother although he really is a guy. Sorry, Bobby, you were their “mother”. If wasn’t for them, Kirby and Sassy won’t be how they are now despite Kirby being sickly as a baby. 

However, more about me despite being an avid cat lover? My parents had always told me that even when I was young, everywhere I went, at least ONE cat will come approach me or follow me from behind – doesn’t matter if the cat let me pet it or not. No matter where I am in the world. At least ONE cat will be in sight and as many animal lovers will say, animals have this instinct where they know that they know that a person like them just by smelling their scent. 

What is the most wonderful thing about having cats? To have them lying on your chest, eyes closed and purring like a machine and when you walk through the door, you see their tails in the air greeting you with a friend meow. 

I will update more when I get more accounts for the Paw Printers and I intend to change the outlay of this blog as my two angels think it is weird that they are kitties and I put up a fishy looking outlay for them. It was meant to be a joke for them but I was caught. 

Do follow them on Twitter: @ThePawPrinters and I hope you guys will be entertained with the naughty things they do because I enjoy watching them do things in their own kitty way. 

Curly, the Human