Playing Host

Meow everykitty!

Last night The Man and Curly had two friends – Tall and Uncle Chubby. I like Uncle Chubby the most. He treats me like a man should to boycats. The Man treats me like a baby and I don’t like it and he has this smell when he put that white stick into his mouth. Sassy loves him – smelly or not.

Sassy and I slept under Curly’s sheets after Tall, Uncle Chubby and The Man went out.

Besides playing host, today is Diwali as Curly told me and she texted Mommy and Mommy told us to ask her to make some goodies called murukku for us and as for ang pows from The Man and Blondie.

So, The Man told us, he will buy new things for us today.

I am going to paw off soon because this Sassy cannot stop calling for me to play with the red ball Curly gave her to play with. Will paw on again later.

Pawing off!

Kirby, the handsome one.